Monday, March 19, 2018

It's March

Some progress has been made:

  • Added Pasht as an unlockable race
  • Added character race art for character creation: Faerie, Goblin
  • Paladin class abilities: Lay On Hands
I took a small detour to start colourising line art that had been waiting in the sketch pad for a while. There's more waiting, so I will probably interleave this and the character class abilities to keep things fresh.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Feb Update

Here's snap from the release notes, since the last snap. Done with the Ninja, moving on to the next - Paladin I think. I also have a backlog of offline art assets to digitise, might take a detour that way depending how I feel.

 - Gadgeteer class abilities: Invention, Grand Invention, Pack Rat
 - Hero class abilities: Melee Cleave, Second Wind, Iron Skin, Provisions, KO Blow, Weapon Master, Toe to Toe, Last Stand
 - Monk class abilities: Combo Strike, Self Awareness, Reflexion
 - Ninja class abilities: Inner Force Blow, Poison Needles, Taijutsu, Snakespeed, Flash Powder, Acrobatics, Yubi-Jutsu, Shurikenjitsu

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 2018!

Some progress on the Monk abilities in December, but nothing significant to report. Hope to regain momentum soon!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Wow It's November Update

Wow, it's November?!

Development has been slow, but there's been a trickle of class abilities getting done. Here we are.

  • Enchanter class abilities: Sociable, Illusion Mastery, On the Ball, Mind's Eye, Mind Control, Fey Mastery, Silver Tongue, Greater Mind Control, Master Diviner, Dispel Illusions
  • Exorcist class abilities: Spirit Form, Dispel Illusions, Weaken Spirits, Anathema
  • Gadgeteer class abilities: Bomb Thrower, Ammo Stash, Destroy Traps

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Evan Matthew McLachlan

Our third child arrived. Mom and son doing well thanks!

I've made no progress on Maze, Evan, and Hearthstone are to blame. I'm winding down on Quantopian so hopefully I'll pick up the Maze development again soon. It's been a long break... too long.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Oh Crap Missed February Update

Work continues, here's the skinny:

  • Druid class abilities: Aura of Regeneration, Bestial Reincarnation
  • Elemental class abilities: Fists of Rock, Channel Elements, Helm of Flames, Mantle of the Seas, Robes of the Wind, Shield of Ice, Magma Spear

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Late For January Update

Is it February already??

There's been some progress. Courtesan is finally done. Druid is under way. The hybrid classes take somewhat longer because they have more class abilities and less spell casting levels.

  • Class abilities: Supply Consumption modifier
  • Courtesan class abilities: Sense Motive, Barter Expert, Minor Powder Creation, Locate Person, Courtesan Skills
  • Druid class abilities: Regenerate Self, Wilderness Veil, Entangling Blows
I'm not really loving the character class ability stuff, which is a problem because we're only about 25% done. Might be time to divert to creating some art assets or something.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

v0.916 released!

18 months later, finally another release. Both lots and not much to say about this drop. Lots has changed. Still very much a work in progress. Grab the download at SourceForge.

Without further ado, the release notes.

v0.916 (18 December 2016)
 - Gnome female art and portraits
 - Changed NPC attitude system to use states instead of a score
 - Added attitudes for all actor encounters (NPC and foe)
 - All encounters now on new UI design and standard event processing model
 - Support for both windowed and full-screen mode, can be set in maze.cfg
 - Dwarves are drinking fit
 - Spell data model updated to includes HP, AP and MP costs that are Values
 - Added spell results: AttackWithWeaponSpellResult, CreateItemSpellResult
 - Implemented Backstab and Snipe as Spells: results in a weapon attack, costs AP
 - NPC Inventory Templates can now include Loot Entries
 - Added character race images and spell book descriptions to the character creation wizard
 - Added Iajutsu special ability
 - Added foe information popup on click of the sprite during actor encounters and combat
 - Added foe types as configurable objects, can provide modifiers and abilities to foes
 - Favoured Enemy modifiers for various foe types
 - Added descriptions for player spell books
 - Immunity to Criticals is now a modifier, not a Foe Template property
 - Added level ability progression preview to the character class selection screen
 - Class abilities: Parry & 1H Wield for Sword, Axe, Mace, Polearm & Staff; Threaten; Code of Honour; Code of Dishonour; Hide; Bribe, Dodge; Backstab; Snipe; Riposte
 - Acolyte class abilities: Whispers of Evil, Life Leech, Dark Majesty, Hellfire, Power of Darkness, Apotheosis
 - Amazon class abilities: Amazon Stamina, Amazon Strength, Amazon Speed, Deadly Aim, Furious Purpose, Amazon Courage, Amazon Willpower, Hail of Arrows, Amazon Fury
 - Berserker class abilities: Berserk Powers, Berserk At Will
 - Blackguard class abilities: Dying Blow, Finisher, Bloodthirsty, Notoriety, Terrifying Reputation
 - Burglar class abilities: Pickpocket, Nondescript, Dirty Attack, Danger Sense, Sap, Quick Wits, Disable, Trap Sense
 - Courtesan class abilities: Slip Away, Hidden Blade, Underhand Throw, Hidden Dart, Deadly Dart, Surprise Parry, Surprise Riposte

 - Performance improvements for movement mode
 - Refactored event text display to centralise into a single UI widget
 - Refactored combat to execute on the game thread

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November update

It's been a slow month. I've just started on the Courtesan class abilities, but before that a couple of long-overdue tweaks:
  • AttackWithWeaponSpellResult requirements (e.g. requires ranged weapon) now impact the option display in combat instead of just fizzling the action.
  • Clipping of PC options combo to screen Y bounds
  • Event messages now clear the display, with an all-new "view log" button to display the whole message log for browsing. Makes combat easier to follow.
  • Adding descriptions to player spell books, also now displayed during character creation
  • Added race pictures to character creation wizard (still missing some art assets here)
  • Support for running windowed instead of full-screen
 I've also renamed the spell books to their corresponding colours:
  • Sorcery to "Red Magic"
  • Witchcraft to "Purple Magic"
  • Elementalism to "Blue Magic"
  • Enchantment to "Gold Magic"
  • Druidism to "Green Magic"
Of course Black and White magic needed no changes.
I think this naming avoids bringing a bunch of baggage with each type of spell book, reduces confusion about colours of mana they need, and is generally more user friendly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Five classes down, twenty to go. Give or take a few straggler level abilities.

Highlights for October include
  • Blackguard abilities: Finisher, Bloodthirsty, Notoriety, Terrifying Reputation
  • Burglar abilities: Pickpocket, Nondescript, Dirty Attack, Danger Sense, Sap, Quick Wits, Disable, Trap Sense
  • Shared abilities: Threaten, Code of Honour, Code of Dishonour, Hide, Bribe, Dodge, Backstab, Snipe, Riposte
Small pieces of measurable progress have been fun, but a bit same-y. The nature of the repetition won't change - every class has it's unique thingums that will need to be implemented.

So I'm taking a quick divert from this class-ability stuff. Time for some creative writing, a few UI tweaks, some bugfixes, etc.