Monday, June 11, 2018

June Dev Update

Dev has chugged along. Might do some art in between, also been thinking about automated regression testing options. Don't bet on the latter.

 - Paladin class abilities: Protect, Combat Command, Shield Block, Consecration
 - Priest class abilities: Empowered Healing, Sanctify, Patience, Shed Blights,
   Pray For Miracle, Martyr
 - Ranger class abilities: Select Favoured Enemy, Guard Duty
 - Samurai class abilties: Sword Master

 - Refactoring action point regen to be consistent with other resources
 - Resting sleep condition always identified and not an affliction
 - Added missing game time turn increment during combat
 - Added "as per spell effect" target type for spell effects
 - Redesigned the PC widget, so as to fit in a "stance" combo box
 - Implemented stances in combat: Snakespeed, Act early, Act late, Patience

New PC widget, out of combat...
... and in combat