Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Conditional Changes

Updates to condition handling are in. Poisons, curses and diseases are collectively called afflictions. Conditions can not be unidentified; afflictions are now such by default. Identification is needed before a condition can be removed - this will be done via spell effects and special abilities.

Conditions can now apply repeated spell effects to the bearer. This lets one model the typical Wizardry Disease condition using configuration: 1% chance of nausea every turn, and so on. It's not limited to afflictions or negative conditions, so there are some interesting possibilities for buffs and other effects.

Condition effects can also be non-unique now, and again afflictions are set up as such. So you can have multiple different diseases in effect.

As usual, content additions are lagging behind. But we'll get to that later :)

With this rather grim work, it's on to something more fun: unlockable character races.