Friday, December 20, 2013

v0.913 released

In the grand tradition of rapidly releasing in order to fix a couple of serious bugs, I've dropped v0.913 on SourceForge. Thanks to the tireless Rob Ayres for reporting them.
v0.913 (22 December 2013)

 - Increased spell casting stats for Parched Vultures
 - Flagged Goblin throwing knife attacks as ranged instead of melee
#81 NPX in combat
#86 NPX when foe carries non-equipable item
#89 Editor: warning on close window
#90 NPX trading with Stenelaus
#95 Many bombs have infinite charges
#99 NPX climbing stairs in CoC 

Family commitments over the festive season are probably going to bring development to a standstill for the next few weeks, but I'll see what I can do. Top of the list right now is implementing the long awaited combo box, in preparation for a combat UI revamp, which in turn is in preparation for a richer set of combat options.

Compliments of the season to all, see you on the other side :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

v0.912 released

As usual, you can head over to SourceForge to get it.

v0.912 (1 December 2013)
 - Refactored Foe and PlayerCharacter to share common data model
 - Added a proper Inventory class, for use by PCs and foes alike
 - Added suggested names per race+gender to character creation
 - Added alignment, font and text colour properties to text areas
 - Redesigned the character creation wizard
 - Refactored starting kits into a first class data item
 - Detailed names and flavour text for class starting kits
 - Improved searching by name on spell display widget
 - Swapped available spellbooks of Sorcerer and Magician
 - Swapped available spellbooks of Priest and Adept
 - Swapped available spellbooks of Witch and Cultist
 - Added font size config property
 - Increased default screen resolution to 1024x768

#53 Display class changing requirements in UI
#54 Monster counting bug
#57 Cannot edit some modifiers on level up
#58 Chivalry never practised
#59 Combat modifiers not practised
#60 Kepnasha encountered in COC
#61 List things affecting a modifier
#64 Spellbooks to indicate which magic school they belong to
#65 Many spellbooks have "to equip" requirements
#68 Examine balance of combat modifier practise
#70 Steal modifier does not practise
#71 Critical hit modifiers do not practise
#72 Powercast not practising
#73 Golden apples and Magic Nectar crash the game
#74 Theft spell hangs the game
#75 NPC speech detection is case sensitive
#76 Spell level limits to not work
#77 Cure poison spell crashes the game
#78 Sporadic crash opening waterfront villa chest
#80 Chamois Skirt has "reserved15 +1" modifier