Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big in Poland

Version 0.9 has been available for a few weeks, and the SourceForge stats show some downloads from places that I'd expect, usually the locations of friends who followed a link from Facebook.

But for some reason there have been a whole lot of downloads from Poland. I have no explanation for this; I don't know anyone there, nor has any feedback arrived from anyone in Poland.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planning for v0.91

The following is a quick list of changes and features I’ve got in mind for v0.91.
  • code: remove Stealth dodges, replace with backstab/snipe double damage. While the dodge mechanic is nice in theory, in practise it makes battles take too long. It will be replaced with backstab/snipe, which will allow stealth characters to deal double damage using their stealth points. This should have the effect of speeding up battles. More on this later.
  • code: remove heroic/retainer class distinction. I have a feeling that this just confuses users. Also, the snippets of heroic knowledge got really tiresome to implement. I plan on adding a set of modifiers representing knowledge areas and tying the knowledge snippets to that instead.
  • code: make weapons depend on disciplines instead of class, flesh out disciplines. Chivalry, Kendo and Martial Arts already exist. This will end up being more similar to the 4th Ed d20 weapon proficiency feats.
  • code: replace saving throws with just the resistance modifier. No point having both saving throws and resistances. In Wizardry fashion, this will be replaced with just resistances.
  • data: sort out NPC inventories.These need a quick look in the default campaign.
  • data: RESISTANCES: Resistances of foes.These need a look in the default campaign.
  • data: mind read results from all NPC. Needs implementation in the default campaign.
  • data: more craft recipe. Ideas?
  • code: berserker and  lightning strike. Two new class abilities, both with the intention of speeding up combat by allowing characters to do more damage. Dodge might also become a class ability. More on these later.
It will be released when it’s ready.

Blogger online

Being unsatified with the SourceForge “Project News” and hosted Wordpress apps, I’m giving Blogger a spin. I’ll be posting regular small updates on my project, Escape From The Maze.

v0.9 is released (9 March 2011)

The time has come to toss it over the fence. You can find v0.9 at SourceForge.

First, the bad news: for now things are a little rough. It needs Java 6 to run. The Windows distribution should help you download that if your machine doesn’t have it installed. If you feel confident running Java applications, you can download the platform independent distro and run it yourself from the command line args on any Java 6 platform.

Now, the good news. The default campaign has been implemented end to end. Some numbers, at last count:
  • 869 items
  • 280 spells across 7 spellbooks
  • 225 foes
  • 36 NPCs
  • 30 character classes (13 heroic and 17 retainer)
  • 25 zones to explore
  • 12 player races
  • 3 genders
all in one campaign

It ships with an editor with which you can add, edit and delete any of the above, including adding your own campaign from scratch. This is effectively an “open beta” test – take it and play with it.