Sunday, June 26, 2011

v0.902 released

I've packaged up the latest changes and released v0.902. Head over to SourceForge to get it.

As noted in the release notes:
v0.902 (26 June 2011)

 - Character Class Refactor
 - Resistance/Saving Throw Refactor
 - New special abilities: Lightning Strike, Berserker, Deadly Strike, Dodge, Master Archer, Divine Protection, Ki Fury, Fey Affinity, Arcane Blood, Displacer, Parry, Melee Master, Deadly Aim, Master Thief, Poison Touch, Obfuscation, Shadowmaster, Charmed Destiny, Channelling

3277586: Mouse click indicator for item movement
3299359: Traps spells always fizzle
3299363: Guild list box is broken

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Todo's Remaining

With the balanced character classes in the depot, the following TODOs remain before a v9.1 release:

  • data: sort out character class balancing, abilities, resistances.
  • data: sort out NPC inventories.These need a quick look in the default campaign.
  • data: RESISTANCES: Resistances of foes.These need a look in the default campaign.
  • data: mind read results from all NPC. Needs implementation in the default campaign.
  • data: more craft recipe. Ideas?
  • code: make weapons depend on disciplines instead of class, flesh out disciplines. Chivalry, Kendo and Martial Arts already exist. This will end up being more similar to the 4th Ed d20 weapon proficiency feats.
  • The starting dungeon may be too long and confusing. Three exits may be too much, especially when two of them dump the player in the middle of the forest rather than near the path to the city.
  • The starting dungeon needs more loot that can be easily found. I'd like the player to have a decent selection of items by the time he gets to Ichiba.

Not A Lot To Report

Still trying to find time to finish tweaking the character class data.
I've officially paid to upgrade to IDEA 10.5. Wedding planning continues apace.
I'll post again when there is a new release.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Special Ability Round Up

This ability gives the character a bonus to his or her initiative proportional to the amount of blue magic present. The lucky winner is the Shaman class, now a handy fighter indeed.

That wraps up the character class related special abilities for now. Just a few more character class stats to balance out:
  • starting and level up hit/stealth/magic points
  • starting and level up resistances
 Once those are done I might tweak the character races in a similar way, then cut another release.