Tuesday, August 16, 2016

July/August update

Working through the class abilities. Starting at the top with A, here's the elevator pitch:

  • Special abilities: Sword Parry, Axe Parry, Mace Parry, Polearm Parry, Staff Parry. Only Polearm parry currently used, by the Amazon
  • Acolyte special abilities: Whispers of Evil, Life Leech, Dark Majesty, Hellfire, Power of Darkness, Apotheosis
  • Amazon special abilities: Amazon Stamina, Amazon Strength, Amazon Speed, Deadly Aim, Furious Purpose,

When I'm further along I'll try and post occasional class spotlights, going into further detail on what each ability does.

I'm still pencilling in a release towards the end of the year. It will have some well fleshed-out classes and some not started on yet, but it'll be good to exercise the release process and get a version out there.