Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where we are deep inside refactoring the foe data model. This began with moving desired PlayerCharacter functionality into a base class (lamely called UnifiedActor, but we can get back to that). Common data includes race, class, gender, name, level, body parts, equippable slots (generated from body parts), stats (which includes modifiers and resources) and spellbooks. This involved some refactoring of the data model - races need to specify body parts, body parts need to specify how they generate equippable slots. Those data model updates are where I'm at now. The PlayerCharacter interface remains intact and backwards compatible, and inherits from UnifiedActor. After that I'll start on integrating it into the Foe data model. I think I can do this without touching any of the data in the foe database... at least initially.

Monday, June 3, 2013

v0.911 released

I've rolled up the last six months of incremental changes and uploaded it to SourceForge

v0.911 (4 June 2013)
 - Added 'forget' spell result that removes auto mapped area
 - Character speech in NPC conversation now appears in speech bubbles
 - Conversation dialogue for Ideaus and Stenelaus
 - Added NPC: Pandarus the tobacconist in Aenen
 - General Options event that presents a dialog of options to the player
 - Numerous small content additions in various zones
 - Renamed Merfolk race to Triton
 - Added Amphibious property, assigned to Tritons
 - Attribute modifiers are no longer editable on level up
 - Increased race and class impact on attribute modifiers
 - Introduced a level up bonus option to increase a base modifier by one
 - Removed ATTACK RATE modifier, attacks and strikes are now explicit
 - Removed Spell shortcuts, replaced by Display Name
 - Source distro can now compile and package from scratch