Tuesday, January 31, 2012

v0.904 released

The official release date is 4 Feb, but I've kicked v0.904 out the door tonight. Get it over at the SourceForge project page. It's a rollup of stuff reported since v0.903.

Compatibility: Save games from older versions won't load correctly on v0.904 unless you manually fix them by editing data/default/save/<savename>/conditions.txt, deleteing all the contents and saving it as an empty file.

v0.904 (4 February 2012)

 - Additional hints for quest Red Ear's Taxes
 - Event display delay is configurable in maze.cfg

3477194: Crash when saving and loading
3477638: Linux: Invalid display mode
3477642: Died while swimming in water and it crashed
3477652: Magic modifiers not being practised
3478229: Crash while fighting gnoll hunters
3479204: Shopping bug: scroll pane to small
3480742: Charm and Beguilement spells fizzle
3480942: Broken chest in Ichiba Domain North
3480946: Item enchantments not loaded from save games
3481288: Invalid item in Ichiba villa chest
3481715: Martial Arts not being practised
3481725: Item enchantments include old modifiers

It strikes my fancy to give the engine and default campaign a break and work on the skin for a while. The basic renderers weren't even anti-aliased, and all the dialog boxes are using obscene stretched versions of the same PNG. Hopefully I can get it looking a lot more polished.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Look And Feel

For the blog, that is. Because I was bored of the old one, and this one looks pretty clean and simple.

A v0.904 release is in the works for next week some time; it'll be a round up of bug fixes reported since v0.903.

A new look and feel for the game is inevitable too, and I'm almost tempted to work on it as the next major feature. DIY-GUI supports pluggable rendering, and the current yellow-blobs-grey-text look was only ever intended to be the testing skin.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

v0.903 released

This version ships to fix the windows launcher, and includes generally better and more repeatable packaging.
v0.903 (1 January 2012)
3467452: Broken maze.exe

Also, happy 2012!

I'm done and married now, still catching my breath after the event. Perhaps updates to this hobby project of mine will be a little more frequent. 2011 was a busy year for me and 2012 promises more of the same, but Maze is close to my heart and I'll try and carve space for it out of the chaos.