Sunday, August 25, 2013

Development Update: Suggested Names

I've taken a short detour to implement a feature long in mind: character name suggestions during the character creation process.

Names are suggested based on the combination of race and gender, and are randomly selected from a list configured in the editor. The 'random' generation on the screen will also pick a random name now.
I've been thinking that the character creation wizard needs some changes, it's a bit scattered and crowded right now. I'd also like to eliminate the modifier editing in favour of preset modifiers on starting kit...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Development update

Foe inventories are now populated on spawning from their loot tables, and prior to combat each foe has a chance to fill any open slots with appropriate equipment that it may be carrying.

This has an some indirect impacts on loot drops. First, each foe now generates loot prior to combat rather than all loot drops being generated at the end. This open up some interesting options for theft/breakage/other impacts in foe items that I had planned many years ago but never come close to implementing. Second, foes that rely on equipment (hirebrands, leonal knights, etc) will now drop stacks of loot. I may need to work in some kind of destruction of items before dropping them, and will probably need to implement the long-dreamed of party-inventory.

Opening one door always reveals more doors to explore beyond, but these ones are for further in the future.

Hooking up actual foe behaviour to equipment and the GOAP AI will be a lot of work still, so I may have a go at cleaning up the open bugs and cut a release before tackling it. We'll see.