Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hard choices to be made

Progress-wise: favoured enemy modifiers are done, and some minor UI polishing of the character creation process.

The big feature rollout is kinda running out of steam - it's time to firm up the character classes and finalise that design. I think I'll be dropping a couple of character classes, at least initially.

Scout: since the heroic/retainer split this class has always been an uneasy shadow of the Ranger. I thought about changing it to Archer, but Ranger shades that a bit too.

Magician, Cultist, Kamunushi: these two-magic classes have never had a strong identity (except maybe the Cultist), and there are a few missing from a full roster of combinations. Maybe a future addition.

After that, I think I'll rename the Kitsune class to Courtesan. The design still needs a female-only stealth-focused Purple magic class. But as interesting as the "kitsune as a class" idea was it's just a little too confusing. Courtesan ticks those boxes and opens up some interesting options for non-combat class abilities.

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