Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Five classes down, twenty to go. Give or take a few straggler level abilities.

Highlights for October include
  • Blackguard abilities: Finisher, Bloodthirsty, Notoriety, Terrifying Reputation
  • Burglar abilities: Pickpocket, Nondescript, Dirty Attack, Danger Sense, Sap, Quick Wits, Disable, Trap Sense
  • Shared abilities: Threaten, Code of Honour, Code of Dishonour, Hide, Bribe, Dodge, Backstab, Snipe, Riposte
Small pieces of measurable progress have been fun, but a bit same-y. The nature of the repetition won't change - every class has it's unique thingums that will need to be implemented.

So I'm taking a quick divert from this class-ability stuff. Time for some creative writing, a few UI tweaks, some bugfixes, etc.

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