Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November update

It's been a slow month. I've just started on the Courtesan class abilities, but before that a couple of long-overdue tweaks:
  • AttackWithWeaponSpellResult requirements (e.g. requires ranged weapon) now impact the option display in combat instead of just fizzling the action.
  • Clipping of PC options combo to screen Y bounds
  • Event messages now clear the display, with an all-new "view log" button to display the whole message log for browsing. Makes combat easier to follow.
  • Adding descriptions to player spell books, also now displayed during character creation
  • Added race pictures to character creation wizard (still missing some art assets here)
  • Support for running windowed instead of full-screen
 I've also renamed the spell books to their corresponding colours:
  • Sorcery to "Red Magic"
  • Witchcraft to "Purple Magic"
  • Elementalism to "Blue Magic"
  • Enchantment to "Gold Magic"
  • Druidism to "Green Magic"
Of course Black and White magic needed no changes.
I think this naming avoids bringing a bunch of baggage with each type of spell book, reduces confusion about colours of mana they need, and is generally more user friendly.

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