Sunday, December 18, 2016

v0.916 released!

18 months later, finally another release. Both lots and not much to say about this drop. Lots has changed. Still very much a work in progress. Grab the download at SourceForge.

Without further ado, the release notes.

v0.916 (18 December 2016)
 - Gnome female art and portraits
 - Changed NPC attitude system to use states instead of a score
 - Added attitudes for all actor encounters (NPC and foe)
 - All encounters now on new UI design and standard event processing model
 - Support for both windowed and full-screen mode, can be set in maze.cfg
 - Dwarves are drinking fit
 - Spell data model updated to includes HP, AP and MP costs that are Values
 - Added spell results: AttackWithWeaponSpellResult, CreateItemSpellResult
 - Implemented Backstab and Snipe as Spells: results in a weapon attack, costs AP
 - NPC Inventory Templates can now include Loot Entries
 - Added character race images and spell book descriptions to the character creation wizard
 - Added Iajutsu special ability
 - Added foe information popup on click of the sprite during actor encounters and combat
 - Added foe types as configurable objects, can provide modifiers and abilities to foes
 - Favoured Enemy modifiers for various foe types
 - Added descriptions for player spell books
 - Immunity to Criticals is now a modifier, not a Foe Template property
 - Added level ability progression preview to the character class selection screen
 - Class abilities: Parry & 1H Wield for Sword, Axe, Mace, Polearm & Staff; Threaten; Code of Honour; Code of Dishonour; Hide; Bribe, Dodge; Backstab; Snipe; Riposte
 - Acolyte class abilities: Whispers of Evil, Life Leech, Dark Majesty, Hellfire, Power of Darkness, Apotheosis
 - Amazon class abilities: Amazon Stamina, Amazon Strength, Amazon Speed, Deadly Aim, Furious Purpose, Amazon Courage, Amazon Willpower, Hail of Arrows, Amazon Fury
 - Berserker class abilities: Berserk Powers, Berserk At Will
 - Blackguard class abilities: Dying Blow, Finisher, Bloodthirsty, Notoriety, Terrifying Reputation
 - Burglar class abilities: Pickpocket, Nondescript, Dirty Attack, Danger Sense, Sap, Quick Wits, Disable, Trap Sense
 - Courtesan class abilities: Slip Away, Hidden Blade, Underhand Throw, Hidden Dart, Deadly Dart, Surprise Parry, Surprise Riposte

 - Performance improvements for movement mode
 - Refactored event text display to centralise into a single UI widget
 - Refactored combat to execute on the game thread

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